Robust experiences fuel Adams’ advice to graduating students

MechSE alumnus James Adams (BSME ’91) was the featured speaker at the spring graduation brunch on May 13, where he offered sage career advice to MechSE’s graduating seniors.
“One of the things I want to stress is: Never stop learning. As soon as you think you’ve figured it out is the most dangerous time, because people are always nipping at your heels,” he said. “Improve every day. If you get better every day, you will become the best. When you stop learning, you will fall back very quickly, and that’s a big risk. Right now, you’re very hungry, but particularly three to five years out you can fall into a lull.”
Adams is Managing Partner at Adams & Company, a management consulting firm based in New York that helps investors, lenders, and executives protect and grow their companies. He also serves as board member or advisory board member for StrongLeader, TTN Fleet Solutions, and Supply Vision, Inc. Adams splits his time between New York and Chicago. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business in 1998.
Adams’ parting advice to students was inspired in part by his varied professional experiences over the years. “Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to enjoy yourself and have fun. Don’t get too carried away with your career.”