Societal Needs Matrix

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To have the greatest impact on the world around us, MechSE faculty have aligned their research efforts with important societal needs. Research in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics, dynamics and controls, chemistry, applied physics, and computation and applied mathematics focuses on advancing fundamental knowledge needed to address issues in:

Defense and security: the need for sophisticated and highly precise detection devices for chemical and biological toxins, as well as systems to remove contaminants from air and water

Energy and transportation: the effective production, transportation, and storage of hydrogen and other renewable fuels, and the need for greater understanding of fuel-cell powered engines

Environment: the need for environmentally friendly coolants for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, alternative sources of energy, and controlling the environmental impact of power generation

Health and biological engineering: the potential to identify and treat diseases at the cellular level and to create new materials and technologies that will repair and replace injured or missing bones and skin using the body’s own regenerative powers

Manufacturing: nanomanufacturing systems that will create new molecular-level structures and materials, which will facilitate advancements in health, security, energy, transportation, and other areas

  Continuum Scale Sub-continuum Scale  
Societal Needs Fluid Mechanics Solid Mechanics Thermo & Heat Transfer Applied Physics Chemistry Dynamics & Controls Computation & Applied Math
Defense Aluru, Brewster, Ewoldt, Freund, Gazzola, GlumacHilgenfeldt, Hrnjak, JacobiMatalon, Pantano-Rubino, PearlsteinStephani, Wissa Aluru, BahlEwoldt, Freund, Gazzola, Jasiuk, Johnson, Kim, King,Matlack, Nam, Ostoja-Starzewski, Saif, Sehitoglu, Sofronis, Tawfick, Tortorelli, Vakakis, van der Zande Brewster, Ewoldt, Glumac, Hrnjak, Jacobi, King, Matalon, Pantano-Rubino, Sinha, Stephani Aluru, Bahl, Gazzola, Jasiuk, Johnson, King, Matlack, Nam, Sehitoglu, Sinha, Stephani, Vakakis, van der Zande Glumac, King, Nam, Stephani, van der Zande Alleyne, Aluru, Bentsman, Dullerud, Hovakimyan, LaViers, Matlack, Mehta, Ostoja-Starzewski, Park, Salapaka, Vakakis, West, Wissa AluruFreund, Gazzola, HilgenfeldtJasiuk, Matalon, Pantano-Rubino, PearlsteinSalapaka, Sofronis, StephaniTortorelli, Vakakis, West
Energy Aluru, Brewster, Chamorro, Ewoldt, Fischer, Freund, Gazzola, Hrnjak, JacobiC. Lee, Matalon, Miljkovic, Pantano-Rubino, Pearlstein, SmithTucker, X. Wang, Wissa Aluru, Bahl, Dunn, Ertekin, Freund, Gazzola, Hu, Jasiuk, Johnson, Kim, Matlack, Nam, Sehitoglu, SofronisTucker, Vakakis, van der Zande Alleyne, Bahl, Brewster, Fischer, Glumac, Hrnjak, Jacobi, King, C. Lee, T. LeeMatalon, Miljkovic, Pantano-Rubino, Sinha, Smith, Stephani, van der Zande, X. Wang Aluru, BahlErtekin, Gazzola, Jasiuk, Johnson, KingMatalon, Matlack, Miljkovic, Nam, Sehitoglu, Sinha, Smith, Stephani, Vakakis, van der Zande Dunn, Ertekin, C. Lee, T. Lee, Smith, Stephani,van der Zande Alleyne, Bentsman, Hovakimyan,Matlack, 
Mehta, Salapaka, Vakakis,
X. Wang, West, Wissa
Ertekin, Ewoldt, Fischer, Freund, Gazzola, Jasiuk, C. Lee, Matalon, Pantano-Rubino, Pearlstein, Smith, Sofronis, Stephani, Stewart, Thomas, Vakakis, West
Environment Chamorro, Fischer, Hrnjak, Juarez, Kapoor, C. Lee, Ostoja-Starzewski, Pantano-RubinoPearlstein, X. Wang, Wissa Ertekin, Ostoja-Starzewski Brewster, Chamorro, Hrnjak, Jacobi, Kapoor, C. Lee, T. Lee, Pantano-Rubino, Sinha, X. Wang Ertekin, Juarez, Sinha Ertekin, Kapoor, C. Lee, T. Lee Bentsman, Hovakimyan, West Ertekin, Fischer, Juarez, C. Lee, Ostoja-Starzewski, Pantano-Rubino, Pearlstein, West
Health & Biological Engineering Aluru, Bahl, DunnEwoldt, Fischer, Freund, Gazzola, Hilgenfeldt, Juarez, Pearlstein, Wissa Aluru, Dunn, Ewoldt, Freund, Gazzola, Hilgenfeldt, Hu, Hutchens, Jasiuk, Kersh, Kim, King, Nam, Ostoja-Starzewski, Saif, Sehitoglu, Wagoner Johnson, N. Wang Hilgenfeldt, Ostoja-Starzewski

Aluru, Gazzola, Hilgenfeldt
N. Wang

Dunn, Hutchens, Nam, Pearlstein, Saif, N. Wang Alleyne, Bentsman, Dankowicz, Hovakimyan, Hsiao-Wecksler, Laviers, Park, Salapaka, Wissa Aluru, Dankowicz, EwoldtFreund, Gazzola, Hilgenfeldt, Jasiuk, Juarez, Kersh, Ostoja-Starzewski, Salapaka, Wagoner-Johnson, West
Manufacturing Ewoldt, Ferreira, Hilgenfeldt, Hrnjak, King, Miljkovic, Smith, Thomas, Tucker Hilgenfeldt, Hu, Hutchens, Jasiuk, Johnson, Kapoor, Kim King,Matlack, Nam, Saif, TawfickTortorelli, Tucker, van der Zande, Wagoner Johnson Hrnjak, Jacobi, Kapoor, King, MiljkovicTucker, X. Wang Dankowicz, FerreiraHutchens, Johnson, Kim, King, Miljkovic, Nam, Saif, Smith, Tawfick, Toussaint, Vakakis, van der Zande King, Tawfick, van der Zande Alleyne, Bentsman, Dankowicz, Ferreira, HovakimyanKapoor,LaViers, Shao, Tortorelli, Wagoner Johnson, Wissa Ferreira, Hilgenfeldt,Jasiuk, Johnson, Kapoor, Smith, Tortorelli, Tucker, Vakakis, Wagoner Johnson, West
Transportation Chamorro, FischerFreund, Hrnjak, C. Lee, Miljkovic, Smith, Wissa Ertekin, Jasiuk, Matlack, Sehitoglu, Tawfick, Tortorelli, Vakakis, Wissa Fischer, Hrnjak, Jacobi, C. Lee, Miljkovic, X. Wang Ertekin, Stephani Ertekin, Smith, Stephani Alleyne, Dankowicz, Dullerud, Hovakimyan, Matlack, Park, Salapaka, Vakakis, Wissa Ertekin, Jasiuk, Smith, Stephani, Tortorelli, West